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We are excited that you are participating in the 2022 Bridge Walk & 5K to support LivingWell Cancer Resource Center!

Are you ready to start fundraising but you want imaginative ideas? Here are our top 10 tips to help make your fundraising efforts successful.


  1. Set goals
    • When you register for the Bridge Walk & 5K, you can set a fundraising goal that is best for you. We recommend setting a goal that you think is attainable; then if you reach that goal, you can log in to your participant center and raise it. You can change your goal at any time in your participant center.
  2. Make your own contribution 
    • Get your fundraising off to a good start by making the first contribution. This will make others more likely to get involved.
  3. Grow your team
    • An easy way to make a big impact on this event is to encourage your friends and family to join you for the walk and register on your team. You can work together to raise funds and enjoy the walk, run and family-friendly festival together on June 4!
  4. Share your "why"
    • Update your personal page to share your own reasons for participating in the Bridge Walk & 5K. Make your page more engaging by explaining to family and friends why this specific cause matters to you. That’s what they care about most!

      How do I update my personal fundraising page?
      1. Visit the Event Page
      2. Click on the lock icon, directly to the right of the search icon on the top right of the page, to log in using your username and password.
      3. In the Your Fundraising box on the right side of the screen, click View Your Page.
      4. Once on your page, if you want to add a photo to your profile (help others recognize you!), click on the pencil icon right above your name at the top of the page, and upload your image.
      5. To update your display name, click on the pencil icon to the right side of the banner, and type your desired display name. Click Update Display Name when you are finished to save your changes.
      6. To update your fundraising goal, click on the pencil icon to the right of the Donation Thermometer, input your new fundraising goal, and click Update Goal.
      7. To update the text that shows up on your personal fundraising page, find tab labeled My Story, and click on the pencil icon to the right of the text to open a text box. Write text that makes your page personal, letting everyone know why this cause matters to you. Include a story or describe a personal attachment you have to LivingWell. The more engaging your page, the more people will feel drawn to donate. Click the Update Story button to save your changes.
      8. If you want to import your story from a previous event, from the My Story editor you can click on the drop-down menu next to where it reads Import Your Story From. Select the event that you did before, and import your story from that page.
      9. If you want to change your page settings (fundraising goal, privacy features) or customize your page link, click on the Settings tab, make your desired changes and click the Save Changes button on the bottom of the screen.

  5. Know about the LivingWell Cancer Resource Center
    • Highlight some of the programs that LivingWell Cancer Resource Center offers, and use those to make specific donation requests. Feel free to use the list below to give examples for a specific dollar amount.

      LivingWell Cancer Resource Center Gift Impact Statements

      To learn even more about the LivingWell Cancer Resource Center, visit

      • $25 could provide a patient with a stress-management treatment like message therapy, reflexology or a facial.
      • $50 could provide plants for the LivingWell Summer garden, whose produce is used in nutrition classes.
      • $75 could provide a new wig for a patient undergoing chemotherapy.
      • $100 could provide services from a LivingWell social worker to a patient or family member.
      • $225 could pay for one month of LivingWell art classes for a patient or survivor.
      • $300 could fund one of the LivingWell cancer support groups for an entire year.
      • $500 could provide one month of LivingWell yoga or fitness classes for a patient or survivor.
      • $1,000 could support Back on Track: Surviving Survivorship, a series at LivingWell that helps patients transition into survivorship after treatment.
      • $1,500 could support six months of the Beautiful You program, which helps people build self-esteem after cancer treatment.
      • $2,000 could provide one year in the Expressive Art Adventure program for a young LivingWell patient or survivor.
      • $2,500 could support a special event at LivingWell: Family Halloween, Holiday Joy party, Caregiver Spa Night or Night of Remembrance.
  6. Engage your network
    • Start small. First reach out to your close contacts, such as friends and family, because they are most likely to donate. Send them personalized messages letting them know why this specific cause matters to you. Then you can start to connect with more people in your network using email, in-person requests and social media. Check your participant center for email templates that make this step even easier!
  7. Use social media
    • After you personally connect with your close contacts, social media is a great tool for engaging a larger group of people. Using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, start with a couple posts that highlight your story. Say why you are participating in the 2022 Bridge Walk & 5K, and provide a link to your donation page. We provide sample posts below that you can use and customize. A great strategy is to tag and thank people who have already donated while also asking for new donations. This spreads your message further and lets new people know that others are already supporting you.

      Sample Social Media Posts

      Join Me!
      Join me for the 2022 Bridge Walk & 5K as I celebrate cancer survivorship and the LivingWell Cancer Resource Center. LivingWell offers more than 120 essential programs and services at no cost to cancer survivors and their caregivers. There are two ways you can help me support the amazing work done at LivingWell.
      1. Join me for the Bridge Walk & 5K by registering here.
      2. Donate to my personal fundraising page and help me reach my goal of $___ .
        [Customize amount and insert link to personal page.].

      Did you know?
      Did you know that a donation of only $25 means LivingWell can provide a massage to someone who has cancer? Through the 2022 Bridge Walk & 5K, you and I can help fund such stress-management options as massage therapy, reflexology or a facial. Visit my fundraising page to help provide some much-needed relief for cancer survivors. [Insert link to personal page.]

      The facts
      According to the National Cancer Institute, the number of cancer survivors is predicted to increase by 31% from 2016 to 2026, with 20.3 million cancer survivors estimated in 2026. Many of these survivors depend on services just like those offered at no cost by LivingWell Cancer Resource Center. LivingWell helps people facing cancer feel empowered with knowledge, strengthened by action and sustained by the supportive community created by LivingWell. Make a donation to my Bridge Walk & 5K fundraising page to support the efforts of LivingWell Cancer Resource Center. [Insert link to personal page.].

      I'm participating
      I am participating in the 2022 Bridge Walk & 5K, celebrating cancer survivorship! Help me honor the cancer survivors in all of our lives by making a donation on the page linked below. All donations directly benefit more than 120 programs and services that LivingWell Cancer Resource Center provides at no cost to patients and families affected by cancer. [Insert link to personal page.]
  8. Get creative
    • Some of our most successful fundraisers got creative in the ways that they suggested donations. You can mow lawns, set up a bake sale for your colleagues at work, host a dinner party and ask each attendee to bring a small donation, and much, much more! The possibilities are endless, so don’t be afraid to get creative.
  9. Share your successes
    • Be sure to share your successes and fundraising updates with your supporters and via social media as you hit major milestones ($100, 50% of your goal, 100% of your goal — you get the idea!). Sharing your successes actively involves your friends in your journey, encourages donations and could inspire others to join in supporting your efforts. You can use some of the Gift Impact Statements from above to let your supporters know what the total amount you’ve raised can do for patients and survivors at LivingWell.
  10. Thank your supporters
    • Be sure to continue thanking your donors all throughout your fundraising efforts, both personally and on social media. A personal thank you lets your donors know that they helped make a big difference in the lives of the people who rely on LivingWell’s programs and services.


Need more help? Bridge Walk coaches are here for you!

Bridge Walk fundraising coaches are here to help you every step of the way. Email with any questions.